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Consultation for German Doctor Recruitment in Oman

Medfind understands the necessity of diversity within the workplace and medical facility, that is why we have a growing network of multiple associations through which we provide vast and varied medical professionals. We are a Germany-based doctors staffing agency working in the field for more than 10 years. We are able to provide German doctor recruitment in Oman. We combine our  knowledge of the health industry with our database of 25 000 qualified and experienced doctors to fill your clinic and hospital’s vacant positions  

  •  We provide cost effective solution for hiring the best German doctors in Oman
  • We save you time by advertising and interviewing on your behalf
  • We provide efficient service in finding the most suitable candidate based on the specialty and work experience you require 

We strive to quickly fill your temporary and permanent staffing  vacancies with qualified surgeons, physicians, dentist, gynecologist, pediatricians, orthopedics, and every other field you are serving in.

Easy Hiring Process of German Doctors in Oman

Often the best permanent employees begin their journey on locum or [WA1] temporary assignment. When providing you with a profile of experience medical professionals, Medfind does a complete screening of the candidate before the final selection. Our easy hiring process of German doctors in Oman saves you the expense and stress of advertising, screening, interviewing and sifting through endless resumes of applicants. Many of whom are not even qualified for your position and ultimately take you away from providing the best medical services.

  • Sourcing doctors from Germany

Within the Medfind staff team, we have a team of physicians. This combined with our expert administration services, allows us to fully understand and comprehend the staffing requirements of the medical field in Oman. We provide you multiple profiles free of charge which will be a perfect match for your position.

  • Relocation to Oman

After a successful mediation, we can take all further steps by finding accommodation (if not already provided by your clinic), transportation and educational institutions for your new employee and his or her family. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Documentation processing

We can either assist your administration or fully support with all queries and challenges to make your new employees move as smooth as possible. Terms and Conditions apply

Impactful German Doctors for Your Medical Facility

We strive to provide impactful and experienced personnel, who ultimately bring improvement in patient care. We provide doctors and healthcare staff for commercial and governmental facilities, no matter what type of contract you are offering for a long and short term. Germany is renowned for the best healthcare system worldwide.  

  • 25 000 Doctors with the experience of 10 – 35 years in the field
  • Experienced and informed experts in latest medical equipment and therapies
  • Fluent English and Arabic speaking medical professionals
  • Numerous female doctors who can also speak Arabic

Contact our team today to find the suitable candidate through our services of German medical recruitment in Oman.