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Consultation for German Doctor Recruitment in Qatar

Medfind is the largest medical staffing agency in Qatar. We make employers a top priority, by providing them with the same high level of dedication and care that they provide for their patients. We understand that if you don’t have a qualified physician in your department it renders that specific department null and void. Our Healthcare professionals will work tirelessly  to accommodate your medical facilities recruitment needs , matching your required skills and experience to find you the best short-term, medium or long-term surgeons, doctors, dentists, nurses and medical staff. Medfind will be available around-the-clock to offer  German doctor recruitment in Qatar services.


We Understand the Challenges of Hiring Doctors in Qatar

The major challenge lies in tighter budgets, ongoing doctor shortages in Qatar and high recruitment costs. These issues often work against the development of your medical facility. We at Medfind aim to minimize the stresses involved in the hiring of German doctors in Qatar

  • Sourcing doctors from Germany

Our team consists of numerous qualified physicians, therefor we understand every detail given to us regarding your recruitment needs. Through our expert administration services, we understand the requirements of the medical field in Oman. We will provide you multiple profiles, free of charge which will be a perfect match for your medical facilities requirements.

  • Relocation to Qatar

After a successful mediation, we can take all further steps by finding accommodation (if not already provided by your clinic), transportation and educational institutions for your new employee and his or her family. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Documentation processing

We  will fully support you administrative team with all queries and challenges to make your employees move as smooth as possible. Terms and Conditions apply

Impactful German Doctors for Your Medical Facility

We strive to provide impactful and experienced personnel, who ultimately bring improvement in patient care. We provide doctors and healthcare staff for commercial and governmental facilities, no matter what type of contract you are offering for a long and short term. Germany is renowned for the best healthcare system worldwide.

  • 25 000 Doctors with the experience of 10 – 35 years in the medical field
  • Experienced and well informed experts in the latest medical equipment and therapies
  • Able to provided German Board Certified doctors, fluent in English and Arabic

Female doctors who can also speak Arabic.