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Consultation for German Doctor Recruitment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Health awareness has increased immensely due to population growth in the UAE, this has led to the high demand for a professional and skilled workforce with an innovative approach and suitable experience. Hence the need for expertly run medical employment companies and agencies has increased massively all over the world. In the competitive market of The UAE, Middle East, and GCC region, employers, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are increasingly approaching staffing and medical recruiting agencies to employ suitably experienced doctors and medical professionals.

Unfilled  physician positions can cause a medical facility to not only jeopardize their reputation and compromise their ability to provide much needed medical care, it also creates massive profit deficits as an entire department cannot operate if there is no physician present, We can help in multiple ways by our service of German doctor recruitment in Dubai. 

  • Don’t wait for turnover and unexpected vacancies
  • Try the performance of a doctor before providing a permanent contract
  • We are able to provide locum tenens on flexible placement options , according to your specific requirements

We strive to quickly fill your temporary and permanent staffing  vacancies with qualified surgeons, physicians, dentists, gynecologists, pediatricians, orthopedics, and any other medical field you are looking to fulfil.

Patient-Focused Staffing Consultancy with German Doctors in UAE.

Medfind is a renowned and leading medical recruitment agency founded  in Germany. With more than 10 years of experience in recruiting healthcare personnel, we possess a network of more than 25 000 qualified doctors all of whom have studied and worked in Germany. We provide UAE-based hospitals with talented medical professionals. Our goal is to create quality relationships with  the employers and the candidates that we work with. 

 With qualified medical physicians on our recruitment  team,  we can provide accurate profiles according to your staffing requirements.  We currently serve as  the only medical recruitment  company in Dubai  able to  match the experience and qualification of our network with  our clients’ requirements.

  • We provide cost effective solutions for hiring the best German doctors in UAE
  • We save your time by advertising and pre-interviewing on your behalf
  • We provide fast service in finding the most suitable candidate within our network of qualified medical professionalsThe Center of Your Medical Recruitment World 

 The Center of Your Medical Recruitment World

  • Temporary Placement

It is always a challenge to find quality medical staff on a temporary basis. Medfind provides instant relief for all types  of recruitment situations. Whether it's a last-minute sick leave or slightly more long term maternity leave, we match your practice with professionals who are willing to work on a temporary basis and ready to fill the vacant position quickly.

  • Permanent Placement

Out extensive network of qualified medical professionals is growing every day. We are in recruit mode all the time, and we do this so that you don't have to worry when a medical recruitment need arises. Our top-notch screening process ensures the provision of proven German doctors who are ready to make difference in no time.

Impactful German Doctors for Your Medical Facility in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We strive to provide impactful and experienced personnel, who ultimately bring improvement in patient care. We provide doctors and healthcare staff for commercial and governmental facility, no matter what type of contract you are offering, for a long and short term. Germany is renowned for the best healthcare system worldwide.  

  • 25 000 Doctors with the experience of 10 – 35 years in the field
  •   educated and informed, experts of latest medical equipment and therapies
  • Fluent in English; numerous Arabic speaking professionals too

Numerous English and Arabic speaking, female doctors Contact our team today to find a suitable candidate through our services of German medical recruitment in UAE.